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Changes To Our Monday Meeting Schedule - See What You Need For The Next Monday Meeting On 8/25

posted Aug 22, 2014, 11:57 AM by Scott Makela   [ updated Aug 22, 2014, 11:57 AM ]

Hi Scouts!
    Our Monday meeting schedule meetings has changed! Please see the new schedule below and also check out what you need for our next Monday Meeting (8/25 – Scout Building –7pm) below.


Monday August 25th – Coin Collecting Merit Badge & Parent’s Meeting - 7pm Scout Building

What To Bring To The Meeting:

1.     Bring five different State Quarters to the meeting.

2.     Bring one American coin of each type – Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar. (Note: Half Dollars can be found at a bank. If your bank has none we will discuss it at the meeting).

3.     For each year since you were born collect two Pennies, one with a D next to the date and one that just has the date (or if you collect Nickels there will be a P). For example if you are born in 2001 you will collect Pennies with the following dates: 2001, 2001-D, 2002, 2002-D, 2003, 2003-D, 2004, 2004-D, 2005, 2005-D, 2006, 2006-D, 2007, 2007-D, 2008, 2008-D 2009, 2009-D, 2010, 2010-D, 2011, 2011-D, 2012, 2012-D, 2013, 2013-D, 2014, 2014-D.

4.     With your parent’s permission visit the US Mint Website and see what kind of special coins can be bought and what they say about the U.S. Mints where our coins are made.


U.S. Mint Website:


If you bring the above items then combined with what we will talk about at the meeting you will complete this Merit Badge. If you cannot find everything above by the time of the meeting you can complete the Merit badge when you do find everything.

Mr. Schulz