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Monday Meeting 1/5 - CHANGE - Winter Fire Building At The Scout Building - 7PM

posted Jan 5, 2015, 12:39 PM by Scott Makela
Hi Scouts!
     I have checked out the sliding hill and found out that even with last night's snow there is still not enough snow to make sliding on the hill a safe activity. Remember the first rule of our Scouting activities rules - we will try anything so long as it: 1)does not result in injury, 2) is not immoral, or 3) is not illegal.
     Instead, we for our Monday Meeting tomorrow (1/5) will be at the Scout Building where we will engage in a much safer activity - fire building. As you all know, survival in the winter is really important to us Minnesotans. It has been several years since we have had a fire building contest. At tomorrow night's meeting we will be in the cold Scout Building (dress warmly) where we will use flint and steel to start fires. The fastest team wins! And I will also talk about other ways to start fire (and how not to start fires). If you own a "Hot Spark" or other flint and steel oriented fire starter please bring it. Also, please bring some dryer lint from your cloths dryer or some cotton balls from your medicine cabinet. Please bring them in a plastic bag so that they cotton balls or dryer lint stay dry.
     ATTENTION ADULTS - The lottery for Northern Tier 2016 opens Tuesday January 6th.
     ATTENTION SCOUTS - we will also take sign-ups for the Winter Camporee attomorrow's meeting.
     ATTENTION PHILMONTERS - Your next Philmont Trip payment of $400.00 is due by February 15th.
     See you all at the meeting! And congratulations on a very successful Christmas Tree Pick-Up.

Mr. Schulz