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Monday Meeting February 2nd - Your Rights & Responsibilities As An American & Advancement Night - 7pm Scout Building

posted Feb 2, 2015, 11:56 AM by Scott Makela
Hi Scouts!
     Before I bring you up to speed on our Monday Meeting tomorrow I want to thank everybody for the absolutely wonderful retirement party! It was a really special evening and it was absolutely marvelous to talk to everyone and find out how everything is going for everyone! You are a really special group and it is an honor to be a part Troop 327.
     Now you are probably wondering why this email is coming from me since I am retired. I have a few more meetings until I actually retire. Currently, my last meeting as Scoutmaster is scheduled to be the the Court of Honor at the end of this month. Then I will transfer to the Unit Commissioner position.
     The meeting this Monday (February 2nd - 7pm at the Scout Building) will serve two purposes. The first part of the meeting will be devoted to a presentation by Mayor Weible on the rights and responsibilities of being an American. Not only will this part of the meeting qualify anyone who has not yet had this requirement signed off for your First Class Rank Advancement, it will also give you insight into what it takes to participate in our political process. Soon we will begin the process of selecting a new President. Want to know how it all works? Here is your opportunity to find out! The second part of our meeting will be and advancement night in preperation for this month's Court of Honor.
     We will also be collecting money for the Winter Camporee ($30.00) and for this summer's Philmont trip ($400.00). See you there!

Mr. Schulz